Enter the Steam Shower quickly:

If you are entering a steam shower which has been pre-heated it is important to enter into the steam shower quickly in order to prevent heat loss. When the steam shower doors are opened, steam will escape. The longer the steam shower doors are left open, the greater steam will escape, resulting in a cooler temperature in the steam shower. Be quick to enter into the steam shower, however don't be so hasty that you slip or hurt yourself.

Steaming up:

While you are within the steam shower you will see your skin will become wet. A number of the moisture on your own skin is coming from sweat and some off the water vapour within the steam, that sits upon your skin. Quite often this water vapour resides upon the hairs of the arms which gives them the look of becoming white. Some individuals prefer to stay while some choose to be standing while steaming up.

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You're able to trigger the radio and listen for your personal preferred radio station while relaxing in your very own steam shower.


With regards to the mood you're in, you can add 5 drops of aromatherapy oil on the steam outlet. The aromatherapy oil is caught up within the passing steam, dispersing the aroma throughout the steam shower. Take deep breaths in through your nose and you'll find your entire orifice may be relaxed or enlivened, with regards to the aromatherapy oil used. After approximately five minutes one can add some more drops of aromatherapy oil to top up the dissipated aroma fragrance.

Shaving / Exfoliating:

The steam shower is an excellent location to shave and exfoliate. The steam loosens dead skin helping to make exfoliation easy using a loofa pad. Shaving in a steam shower is hassle-free. Men who don't choose to shave because of the discomfort will discover a shave in the shower a joy. Apply shaving cream towards the face (the shaving cream should be left outside the steam shower as it is a pressurised canister). When you start to shave, the blade will slide over the skin eliminating the hair, almost as though it wasn't indeed there. Many men have said that the finest shave they have ever had has been within a steam shower. Women who shave their legs may also reap the many benefits of shaving in a steam shower.

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Cooling down / Washing off:

After 15 to half an hour, or the pre-determined length of the steam session, switch the steam functionality off. Switch the shower on and change the temperature belonging to the water so it is cool to cold. Shower in the cool to cold water to cool the core body temperature and wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner. If you'd like to steam for longer, just switch the steam back on. Typically it's also possible to possess the steam and the shower on in addition.


Open the doors and the steam will billows out. It is good to start up a window if if there is one since this will assist in releasing the steam from your bathroom.

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Following the Steam Shower

After with the steam shower it is strongly suggested to possess another glass of water. That should make sure you are well hydrated, replenishing all the water lost direct from the steam shower session. In the event you don't drink enough water before and after a steam shower session you might get a headache or feel faint.